Galenix Drug Delivery Solutions, Drug Product Development, Licencing-Out Opportunities

Drug Delivery Systems

Galenix Innovations includes several innovative technologies platforms focusing on drug delivery solutions for life cycle management, new chemical entities, Biologicals or mature molecules using conventional dosage forms or our own patented technologies.

To date, Galenix has patented six innovative Drug Delivery Systems (DDS). The aim of Galenix DDS is to improve the drug product performances, to enhance the patient’s compliance.

Thanks to our 6 patented technologies platforms, we can help you to:
– Reduce the tablet size for oral administration; Minextab®
– Improve the bioavailability and/or stability of drug; Microgix®, Lipogix®
– Reduce first pass effect; Mucolys®, Microgix®
– Optimize flash release formulation; ODTx®, Mucolys®
– Develop modified or controlled release drug product; Microgix®, Minextab®, Minextab® Floating, Mucolys® Film
Galenix also owns patents on more than twenty drug products compositions and manufacturing processes. Theses patents are licensed out to pharmaceutical companies to protect their products on the market.

Under contract, or for its own needs, Galenix was granted more than 45 Marketing Authorizations Applications (MAA) in Europe and US.