Galenix Drug Delivery Solutions, Drug Product Development, Licencing-Out Opportunities


All kinds of dosage forms are developed at Galenix, from the most simple to the most sophisticated one.
Patented Drug Delivery Systems developed by Galenix may also improve or modify the drug product’s features in order to respond to special requirements (slow, fast release, enhanced bioavailability…)

Here is an overview of our know-how in formulation :

Solid dosage form :

  • Immediate release, modified release, sustained release tablet
  • Multilayer tablet, coated tablet
  • Powders and granules for reconstitution
  • Capsules

Semi-solid and liquid dosage form :

  • Solution, suspension, gel (aqueous or lipidic base)
  • Liposomes, microemulsions, emulsion
  • Transdermal therapeutic systems

Development of comparator :

  • Matching placebo
  • Over encapsulation
  • Film coating

galenix-innovations-korsh-eko-tablet-pressTaste masking

Process transfer and scale-up of drug product

Formulation Equipements :

  • MR6 FROGERAIS tablet press equipped with sensors
  • OA FROGERAIS press
  • RRM (RhönRadMischer) J. ENGELSMANN drum hoop blender
  • BMG LBBOHLE (50 g – 1 kg) high shear mixer granulator
  • MIPRO PROCEPT high shear mixer granulator