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For better bioavailability, solubilty and stability

Microgix® technology is an innovative drug delivery solution for oral route designed for NCE, mature and biological molecules. The ideal solution for molecules characterised by low bioavailability, poor solubility and/or instability.


Based on adsorption of a liquid system on an inert support, MICROGIX® technology is a multiparticulate drug delivery system enabling the production of wide range of dosage forms such coated or uncoated tablet, coated or uncoated beads, capsule, stick-pack, sachet.

MICROGIX® is a flexible drug delivery system, as each molecule has a physicochemical properties, composition of the liquid system differs to match to molecules needs. Different drug release profiles can be provide: immediate, modified release (gastro-resistant, prolonged release, pulsed) 


Benefits of MICROGIX® technology : 

  • Conventional equipment
  • Manufacturing process without drying step
  • Enhanced bioavailability, solubility and/or stability of active ingredient
  • Protection of sensitive API such as biologicals
  • Powerful for life cycle management strategy
  • Tailored drug release profiles
  • Pharmaceutical excipients (USP, EP, JP) and GRAS