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Minextab Floating

MINimum EXcipient TABlet and gastroretentive effect


Minextab FloatingMINimum EXcipient TABlet and gastroretentive effect

MINEXTAB® Floating is a valuable tool for active ingredient with narrow absorption window.
This gastro-retentive delivery system (GRDDS) has is based on MINEXTAB® technology, with floating and swelling features in order to prolonged the gastric retention time.


MinexTab Floating

This patented technology includes at least two phases :

  • An active phase; using MINEXTAB® technology.
  • An inactive phase, including mainly a gas generator and hydrophilic polymer or porous mineral to form a floating layer.

The active and not active phases have a common surface or are separated with polymeric layer.

Immediate release, modified release, bimodale release can be achieved.
MINEXTAB® Floating uses conventional and scalable process manufacturing, well known in the pharmaceutical industry.
All selected excipients included in MINEXTAB® Floating technology are described in the current Pharmacopoeae, an essential advantage for product approval.

In case pharmaceutical composition is formulated under tablet form, the tablet can be bilayer or multilayer tablet;

Benefits of MINEXTAB® Floating technology : 

  • Controlled release: release in the upper part of gastro-intestinal tract
  • Tailored drug release profile
  • Excipients described in the current Pharmacopoeae (EP, USP, JP) and GRAS
  • Conventional manufacturing process