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MINimum EXcipient TABlet

MINEXTAB® is an innovative drug delivery system for high dosage form and improving the patient compliance.

This technology is useful for reducing size of tablet.

Immediate release, modified release, bimodale release can be achieved.
MINEXTAB® uses conventional and scalable manufacturing process, well known in the healthcare industries.

Release profile : immediate, modified, bimodale


MINEXTAB® is a valuable tool for high dosages and for improving the compliance.

All selected excipients included in MINEXTAB® innovative drug product technology, are described in the current Pharmacopoeae, an essential key for drug product approval.

Galenix has achieved a number of marketed formulations employing the MINEXTAB® technology; the first product developed with this technology included acetaminophen.

Benefits of MINEXTAB® technology :

  • Enhanced patient compliance. At least 85% of active ingredient included in tablet
  • Tailored drug release profile
  • Excipients described in the current Pharmacopoeia (EP, USP, JP) and GRAS
  • Conventional manufacturing process
  • Reduction of tablet size by at least 50%
  • Preferred drug delivery system for solid dosage form with high dose