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Mucolys Film


Buccal administration to avoid the first past effect

MUCOLYS® FILM is valuable tool to avoid the first past effect and obtain immediate release or prolonged release.


Mucolys Film

MUCOLYS® FILM technology is a film-forming powder for mucosal administration (buccal, vaginal, cutaneous); thanks to its adhesive and film properties, the powder forms instantaneously a thin film on contact with wet mucosa. The thin film is comfortable and can be remove easily in case of side effect; the film is bioerodible or peelable.

MUCOLYS® FILM technology uses conventional and scalable process manufacturing, well known in the pharmaceutical industry.
All selected excipients included in MUCOLYS® FILM technology are described in the current Pharmacopoeia, an essential advantage for product approval.

User-friendly packaging solutions are proposed depending on the route of administration: single-dose or multi-dose.

MUCOLYS® FILM technology is an innovative technology for life cycle management, over the counter products and cosmetics.

Benefits of MUCOLYS® Film technology : 

  • Avoid/reduces the first past effect Transmucosal absorption or local application
  • Pharmaceutical excipients (USP, EP, JP) and GRAS
  • Conventional equipment & process
  • Comfortable, removable (thin 5-200 µm)
  • Immediate release or prolonged release (residence time: 1h up to 8h)