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Mucolys Flash


To get rapid onset and avoid the first past effect

MUCOLYS® Flash is a non invasive drug delivery system designed for an immediate therapeutic effect by sublingual administration.

MUCOLYS® Flash technology is based on a combination of micronized powder with powerful wettability and absorption enhancers ensuring a flash dissolution and mucosal absorption. The direct absorption of the drug across the buccal mucosa avoid the first past effect.

MUCOLYS® Flash technology is processed with conventional equipment well-known in the healthcare industries and does not require freeze–drying step. All selected excipients included in MUCOLYS® Flash are described in the current PharmacopoeIa, an essential advantage for product approval.

This technology enhances life cycle management and is recommended for many therapeutic indications : hormonal, pain, CNS…

User-friendly packaging solutions can be proposed: stick pack, sachet, metered dose system…

Benefits of MUCOLYS® Flash technology :

  • Rapid onset Avoid/reduces the first past effect
  • Transmucosal absorption or local effect
  • User friendly : handy stick-packs, no need of water
  • Pharmaceutical excipients (USP, EP, JP) and GRAS
  • Conventional equipment & manufacturing process (no freeze-drying)
  • Low cost of good