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Patient compliance enhancement

ODTx® is orodispersible / dispersible technology free of sugar, useful to improve patient compliance.



Galenix has a great deal of experience in the field of orodispersible/dispersible tablet from lowest to highest strength of active ingredient (0.2 up to 2000mg).

The scalable process, well known in healthcare industries, ensure a good content uniformity whatever the strength.
The technology with fast dissolution properties is free of sugar (no polyol) and coating, and is not moisture sensitive.

ODTx® technology is an innovative technology for life cycle management and new chemical entities.
Paediatric and geriatric friendly, ODTx® is the ideal solution to solve swallowing difficulties.
ODTx® technology can be combined with MICROGIX® technology.

Benefits of ODTx® technology : 

  • Strong Galenix Know-How (several M.A.A. and marketed products)
  • Ideal solution for ambulatory treatments, emergency treatments (no need of water)For hydrophilic, hydrophobic or amphiphilic molecule (0.5 – 2000 mg)
  • Sugar free formulation
  • No need coating to mask bitterness or bad taste
  • Pharmaceutical excipients (USP, EP, JP) and GRAS
  • Conventional equipment & process (no freeze-drying)